Awakening Sofia Wild Retreat

Awakening Sophia Wild Retreat

Sophia is our inner feminine wisdom, our natural desire to protect and nurture all life.

We are at the beginning of a powerful feminine rising; Sophia is the sacred dimension of consciousness and we are being called to lead humanity out of the darkness.  We finally have in our possession, the wands of power again.

Our beautiful planet is under threat of extinction; our connection to our mother has been lost. The current narrative of our existence is not being questioned and materialism has become central to our existence. We have been torn away from the beautiful concept of ahimsa and sold a worldwide culture of exploitation, domination and oppression of others.

Since 2012, time has been speeding up and many of us are awakening to a feeling of emergence, a quickening. For women there is feeling of isolation and we find ourselves searching for our lost tribe. We are experiencing a surge in the revival of the old ways; we are drawn to ancient medicine and earth loving philosophies and eco-spirituality. We are being given the opportunity to awaken to our true nature as celestial beings and lead the way to positive change.

The divine is constantly pouring love into us and when we harness that love collectively, we have the ability to work magic. When we walk the path with love in our hearts, we can heal ourselves, other beings and the precious earth we all live on.

Come and spend a relaxing few days on a 7 acre organic smallholding nestled on the coast of the magical Island Ynys Mon (Anglesey) North Wales. The island is famous for its ancient standing stones and cromlechs and where herbal folk law gave the island the title of “The medicine centre of the North West”. Our history of naked Druid women standing on the banks of the Menai Straights screaming in defiance of the invading Romans is legendary!

We will come together in retreat and though discussion and activities we will address the importance of radical inclusion, which supports the foundation of happiness and the wisdom of interconnectedness.

Awakening Sophia can also help with trauma from this life and from our ancestral lineage. We will be coming together in a circle of love, kindness and compassion whilst reclaiming our powers of intuition, discernment and courage which is fundamental to the sacred feminine dimension.

We will be camping on the land with access to indoor bathroom facilities (in a static caravan). You will have the choice of camping close together or if you prefer, you can wander into Jule’s 7 acres and find a secluded spot. If camping is difficult for you, there are a couple of beds, one in the static caravan and another in a traditional caravan for a small additional cost.

Please follow the link at the top of this web page for details on how to book!

Love and Light, Jules x